About Us

Since 2002, I have been designing and maintaining several websites for my own family and personal business endeavors. Through that experience, I have learned a lot about how a website is put together. From styling, coding, graphics, pictures, etc, there is a lot that can go into a website. The goal is to put all those together to meet the needs of the client. In 2008, I was asked to put a site together for the Harveys Lake Homecoming. With the successful launch of this site came a request for a proposal to design and maintain the Harveys Lake Borough website. Since then, I have received several requests for other web development projects.

As additional projects go live, they will be listed on the Portfolio page.

When developing and maintaining websites, I utilize the following: Dell XPS17 laptop, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Photoshop, Firefox with Firebug and Web Developer plugins, and because of the problems associated with Internet Explorer, IETester is also utilized. For cross-browser compatibility, websites are also tested in the Google Chrome, Opera and Safari web browsers.

We recommend the use of the following web browsers:

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